We are a School focused on high character formation, moral education side by side with academic excellence.

Helping to save Africa's Pride and Culture by protecting and promoting our unique heritage

At S/P Model School, we teach our students to be proud of their unique cultural heritages. We inculcate a spirit of pride in their uniqueness and balance for modernity by exposing them to both local and foreign ways of life, culture and values.

Unique Extra-Curricular Activities

We expose our students to unique extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. Our students are groomed for total academic development via local and international trips to places of academic interest.  

A Passion For All Round Excellence

At S/P Model School, we lay very, very, high premium on character formation. We insist on character and moral education side by side with academic excellence. Our success story can be attributed to team work. 


Why We Are Unique

  • School Types: Creche, Nursery, Primary, Junior Secondary.
  • School Curriculum: We operate the eclectic curriculum, British, Nigeria etc., which are child centered.
  • School Club: Press club, Choral club, Sport club, Bible club, Computer club, Literary & Debate Club, Chess club, Science club etc.
  • ICT: Well-equipped ICT facilities
  • Vacation School: Vacation School is geared towards academics, coupled with expanded learning.

Why Choose Us?

  • OUR STAFF: Carefully selected, and continuously retrained staff that must possess the fear of God and excellence. 
  • EXCELLENCE: Fostering of rounded excellence necessary for a global, well-adjusted individual.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Very ideal teaching/learning environment.
  • CHARACTER FORMATION:Emphasis on very high morals, ethics and etiquette, with consciousness that charisma and academic excellence may announce one; only good character can sustain one’s evaluation.
  • PATRIOTISM: Repositioning our children as future leaders of our great country by instilling the spirit of patriotism and selflessness. Above all, making God first in the life of each child preparatory for their crown in eternity and lots more.